Replacement steel insert for Ooni* 16 gas Oven

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Replacement steel for stone - Fits Ooni* 16 Oven. Get the crust you want with this replacement steel insert.

The best of the best! All our steel goes through a specific fabrication process to both top and bottom to provide a superior texture for baking. Miro passageways allows for excess moisture to escape from beneath the dough producing a better crust result. Our steel is NOT just a cut piece of metal but a true Baking Plate.

NOTE -U.S. Customers please message for FedEx rates as Canadian and US postal services are under heavy delays. Please message for rates by UPS.

*versatile surface for baking pizza, bread, pastries and more
*Premium mild carbon steel construction delivers superior heat retention and heat transfer compared to stone, delivering faster and crispier crusts
*Made with highly durable carbon steel
*Reversible, cook on the surface of either side
*Safe for use with both barbecues and ovens

3/8 Plate is considered Deluxe and the weight is 30 Pounds.

A pizza steel/Oven Steel is a better heat conductor than a pizza stone. The pizza steel is popular for cooking bread and pizza because it is able to transfer heat at a high rate while simultaneously stabilizing at a steady temperature. This means when you place a pizza on the steel, the dough is cooked by the transfer of heat stored in the steel - rather than just the hot air in the oven. Get your family ready for a crispier crust and faster cook times.
CAUTION: may contain sharp edges even though we make every attempt to sand down each individual piece by hand, A 3M Scotch Bright pad is included with the steel so that you may buff down any edged prior to use to your satisfaction prior to use. I Please ask that you perform this inspection.
Also-item is heavy!

Us at your own risk.

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