Pizza Turning Peel, Pizza Peel- 7" Head - Type"S"- Pizza Paddle, Pizza Spatula, 100% Made in Canada-100% Pure Stainless Steel

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 Type-S- 1/2" tubular construction Pizza Turning Peel

  • Available with Matching stone cleaner/scraper-100% Made in Canada using only pure #304 Food grade Stainless-steel
  • 28" overall length ideal for all wood and gas pizza ovens
  • Slotted peel head to remove excessive flour and reduce head weight and increase peel traction while turning
  • All Tig welded construction and hand polished- will never rust
  • 100 % food grade stainless- NOT aluminium so heat will never be and issue
  • Made by hand not a mass produced imported item

The DareBuilt Type-S pizza turning peel is the newest pizza peel in our lineup of hand crafted 100% pure stainless steel Canadian made pizza turning peels. It is 100% constructed of pure stainless steel all TIG welded and finished with a 1" hang ring for displaying and storing your peel. The peel head is slotted and currently features the FR or Forno Da Re Logo and is 7" in diameter. Newer models will not have the FR Logo and it will be replaced with a hole to reduce head weight. The shaft is super strong and stiff made of pharmaceutical grade brushed finished stainless steel tube, The handle is a slim and sleek 100% pure stainless steel grip and the display grip is 1" diameter ring. the Type -S is stellar both in function and appearance and reflects the ability to craft and create the highest quality items in Canada . This peel is complimented with a matching Grill and pizza stone scraper- Also available soon so please see our other listings. Pizza Stone Cleaner and Scraper, Grill Scraper- Type-S- Series, 100% Stainless Steel Made by DareBuilt in Canada…amazon ASIN# B094C9XP16

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