Baking Steels, Pizza Steel By DareBuilt -14"x 22" by 1/4" Ideal for BBQ and Oven, Reversible

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Custom North American Made Oven Steel! 14" deep by 22 inches long, 1/4" or .25" thick. Use it in the oven or BBQ, sandblasted clean and beautifully textured. 14 x 22 Oval also available. All our steel goes through a specific fabrication process of sandblasting of both top and bottom to provide a superior texture for baking. Miro passageways allows for excess moisture to escape from beneath the dough producing a better crust result. Our steel is NOT just a cut piece of metal but a true baking oven steel.

*versatile surface for baking pizza, bread, pastries and more
*Premium mild carbon steel construction delivers superior heat retention and heat transfer compared to stone, delivering faster and crispier crusts
*Made with highly durable carbon steel

*Reversible, cook on the surface of either side
*Safe for use with both barbecues and ovens
A pizza steel/Oven Steel is a better heat conductor than a pizza stone. The pizza steel is popular for cooking bread and pizza because it is able to transfer heat at a high rate while simultaneously stabilizing at a steady temperature. This means when you place a pizza on the steel, the dough is cooked by the transfer of heat stored in the steel - rather than just the hot air in the oven. Get your family ready for a crispier crust and faster cook times.

Burn Warning- Not for use for young children or inexperienced cooks. Please handle with care and always use protective oven mitts.

Never handle when hot under any circumstances. Allow to cool fully overnight before attempting to touch or clean pizza steel. Not intended for inexperienced cooks or children. Always use appropriate safety equipment such as oven mitts or tongs when cooking on steel plate. Please note: must be seasoned once prior to use. This can be done in the home oven.
Never handle when hot! Always use approved oven mitts or other utensils while in use.

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